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Out of the Shadows is Complete!

Watch it for Free on Vimeo or by Clicking the Image Below!  After a year and a half of shooting, and countless hours editing,  Out of the Shadows is finally in the bag! To watch the film, or learn more, please head over to the post on the Testpiece Films website.  

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Quick Update on ‘Out of the Shadows’

Photo: Loïc Markley climbing in the fields. This past 2 weeks I’ve been editing like a mad man to try to finish up my climbing movie ‘Out of the Shadows’. It’s turning out to be just a wee bit of work! It’s by far the largest project I’ve ever worked on. Tons of footage to go through, and […]

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Creative Project 013: Warehouse Self Portrait

This week I had my photo subject cancel a few hours before the shoot. I wasn’t able to get somebody else short notice, so I did another self portrait. Recently I purchased a super cheap smoke machine from B&H. It was $39.95. It’s not the best piece of equipment, but it does the job! So this […]

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Creative Project 009 – Bedroom Beat

  Lately I’ve been trying to come up with a few music ideas for the climbing film I’m currently editing. Sometimes ideas sound good, and sometimes they’re terrible! You never really know until you flesh it out a bit. One of the reasons I force myself to sit down and make stuff like this – […]

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Creative Project 008 – Playing with Fire

This post marks 2 full months of weekly creative projects. I’m pretty happy about that. But if I’m being honest, I really felt like taking the week off this week. I have a whole bunch of work on my plate right now – a couple commercial video projects, and a bunch of work piling up from my online business. […]

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