A Little Bit About Me…

Clayton Arnall in the Lake

I’m a filmmaker currently living in Kelowna, BC with my wife Tasha and our daughter, however you can frequently find us roaming North America in our 25’ motorhome. We love to travel and I’ve always said that the best way to view your home town is in your review mirror 🙂

My goal is to make films that shake people up a bit. I wouldn’t call myself a story teller as much as a ‘story facilitator’. The best stories are already out there. Either stuck in a location, or a person. The real secret to making great films is drawing that story out. Sometimes I use words to do that. Other times, I just use the images.

I find that people like to hide their stories. They think they’re not unique. They think their story is too average. The thing is even the most mundane story is exotic to somebody who’s removed from that particular place or culture.

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